Way more than decent, plug'n'play and bang for the buck!

I was looking for a cheap USB microphone to record 6string and 12string acoustic guitars in my living room.

Well, that does the job.

First of all, it's plug and play, I use it on Win10 and I don't have to do anything more than to just plug it in. It immediately shows up on the recording sources lists and the only thing you have to do is to just select it on your DAW (Reaper and Audacity in my case).

I have zero issues with noise, I place it about 12-15 intches away from the 12th fret/soundhole and it captures the sounds nicely.

In terms of features, I would love it to have a gain knob (just to push a few dbs) but that's alright, we are still talking about a 20 euro microphone.

No regrets here.