1st impression: ok; 2nd: good; 3rd: they're going back

1) during the charging sequence one of the LEDs was not glowing on one of the modules. I thought it was just a glitch because they all seemed to work after that.

During 1st use I got interference straight away on channel 1. I switched to channel 2 and it seemed okay for a while until it started there, too. After trying some different positions in different rooms in various locations, I realized it would just have to be something to cope with.

2) Wow, in a way, really, really convenient. That is really nice not having to worry about cables twisting and pulling and getting caught.

3) I soon realized that the build is not really acceptable, especially considering the application of being mobile. The flimsy, awkward, slider on/off switch has got to go (before it falls off)

Then I realized that the LED is indeed not working so I decided to relieve it of its duty and send it home.

I realize that all of this branded plastic stuff from China and such is not always the best quality. If it wasn't for the switches I would've gotten a replacement, but in the end, I think I'd rather wait for something better.