Best bang for the buck out there?

I wanted to go wireless for a while but since I'm just in a small local band didn't want to bust the bank.

This thing is just amazing for the price, it's small, battery time is more than enough for a gig (or even two to three gigs) and it just works.

There is no noticeable signal loss or latency vs a cable that I can hear.

At home I did found that that wifi signals may affect performance, my practice rig is literally next to my wifi router and I got dropouts when only 5 meters away from the receiver.

At practice however I haven't had a single dropout and was even able to leave the room and walk for more than 10 meters with a thick concrete wall in between.

The other guitarist in my band was very skeptic because of the price... but now also uses one :p

Thomann's home brand did it again !