Outstanding for the price, a bit difficult to use

The Harley Benton (also sold as Joyo) D-SEED is one of the cheapest tap-tempo delay pedals available. It's well-built, sounds good, and is a great introduction to delay pedals.

+ Good build quality; the case is solid metal and the controls feel sturdy.

+ Bypass doesn't `suck tone'. It's not true bypass AFAIK, but I haven't noticed any deterioration in tone.

+ Analogue and digital modes both sound great.

BUT there are some downsides, mainly related to usability:

- Tap tempo is done by pressing both buttons at the same time. The makes it hard to be accurate with the tempo.

- When tapping the tempo, you have to tap an EVEN number of times. If you don't, it goes into this strange looper mode. This is incredibly inconvenient if this happens during a gig (it's happened to me...).

- The modulation mode is cool, except I find the modulation very strong. Ideally this would be adjustable.

To summarise, I think this is a great pedal for experimenting with delay sounds in private, or even recording. However, I wouldn't really recommend it for live use because of the usability issues; I know several people who use it live regularly without issue though, so YMMV.