Cheap but very versatile and good quality delay pedal.

This delay pedal has quite a lot options for its money. The awesomeness of it is that for about 70 EUR you got two channel up to 6 seconds of delay pedal with tap tempo option and additional opportunity to add external switch.

It is surprisingly well built - shellcase is solid and smoothly printed. Switch knobs are tight and has tiny click when you press it. Probably same as for Darkglass Supersymmetry. Small thing but really pleasant.

It has four delay mods and all of them sounds great. Carbon Copy replicates played notes precisely even with high gain distortion pedal it does not become a huge sound mess.

Analog mode sounds really like analog delay pedal with a little cut of high frequencies. It really good for rhythm playing so repeats won?t jumps over your playing. Modulation adds modulation like effect to repeats and can make your solos or clean guitar a bit more thick and interesting and even sci-fi sounding. Fun to play some slides using this mode. Reversal mode is nice for non-standard effects. It might not be often usable, but sometimes it adds a little schizo to your tone.

Didn?t try external pedal, no need of that so can?t comment that option. Tap tempo feature adds more versatile to pedal, but anyways delay time has wide range and can cover all player?s needs. Pedal produce no additional noises that means it has good quality of built. It also can be used on bass if you want to and it will still sound great.