A great Product...Minor issues...

Let me start by saying I built an entire back up pedalboard from HB pedals for less than the cost of ONE pedal from my main pedalboard!

That said…

I love the D-Seed. The versatility is amazing, the sound quality is VERY good… there are just a couple of things I personally would change.

1. The switches… they are momentary switches rather than “click” switches. Almost every other pedal I use has some give to them, these have NONE! When you are trying to switch quickly and ALL the other pedal on your board have some “give” these things feel like stepping on a nail!

2. It’s a little annoying to have to click both buttons to get the tap tempo feature…

But these are personal pet peeves… They may not bother you at all!

You cannot find a more versatile or better sounding delay for this price!