Cheapest and best buy for anyone

As a small preface: I was preparing an order and awaiting my paycheck to ding, however, in the meantime - this little thing disappeared and was all sold out. After looking around to what other options are there, I could not find something as suitable and as cheap as this. A couple of weeks later, out of sheer despair, I venture in the realms of guitar maintenance and voila! It's there.

Now, onto the neck rest - there is not much to say but that it is absolutely amazing to use it. The material is what I call "gummy wood", the same material used for corks (the "wooden cap") for wine bottles. Some of my friends thought that this would be a heavy piece of solid wood - this is even better.

If you like tinkering about with your guitar or just like to make the setup with the mat and all that for a string change, this baby is awesome. The option of two heights is also incredibly useful if you're cleaning the guitar and don't want the gravity to ruin any electronics, this is a nifty little device that can be stored easily and will be of use for the years to come. Absolutely recommend this to everyone.