Essential tool for guitarists

After being fed up with slow string changing, I finally ordered a speedwinder to do the time-consuming part of the process. I was first suspicious about the quality, but this cheap gadget turned out to be very solid and long-lasting. It is mainly made out of plastic, so it's also very light to carry with. The head is detachable and can be mounted on a power drill for quicker unwinding. However, the detaching of the head is a challenge, but the good thing about this is the head really isn't going to fall of accidentally. I would recommend the guitar techs to buy two of these, so you don't have to waste precious time when struggling to detach the head.

Other than that, this winder is a true all-arounder, and can be used on all sizes of string instrument tuners, all the way from mandolins to bass guitars. Also, the head piece is long enough to keep the winder from hitting the other tuners.

This HB speedwinder is a very durable piece of guitar equipment for your pocket money, and it really makes changing strings faster and more fun.