brilliant for the price

They don't have quite as much body or projection as the more expensive ones on offer, but still good for the price and I am glad I purchased them.

The audio samples on the site aren't quite the same as what you will hear from the drums and there isn't nearly as much sustain on the notes they produce.

Build quality is very good and they are fairly easy to tune with the supplied spanner that also comes in the box.

I had a slight blemish on one of my skins which I was a bit worried about but it doesn't seem to have split or got any worse. They are proper calf skin heads and not plastic rubbish too so that was a bonus and definitely makes them feel a lot more professional.

It would be good for them to come with a case but unfortunately they don't so I have to keep them in the cardboard box that they came in. Still I suppose the price would be higher if it had a case.

I have used them at a few gigs and concerts with various bands and they have sounded fine in various different rehearsal rooms and concert halls.

I definitely recommend these drums!