Very good music stand

This is a very sturdy stand! I'm very pleasantly surprised by how stable it is.


- good sturdy construction overall;

- even when it's fully extended, it doesn't wobble when pages are turned;

- the legs have rubber endings, so it doesn't slide on the floor and it also won't leave any scratches or markings on the floor surface;

- the knobs hold up the tubes very well. tightening happens with minimal effort;


- honestly, can't think of anything specific...

- maybe (a big maybe) if you're traveling on foot/bike/public transport, it will be a bit heavy to carry by hand but you can also get a case for it that has a handle here on Thomann.

Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a trustworthy stand for a lot of gigs. This thing will not break easily, it will not fall apart, and its parts will not bend if there is stuff laying on it in, say, a longer trip.