Dangerous design flaw

I have been using these stands with no problems since March 2015. I use them about 3-4 nights a week as a gigging musician. However, last Thursday night I set them up at a venue as per usual when one of them collapsed with a speaker on top of it. It narrowly missed me and also narrowly missed some customers. It could have been quite serious and it was only luck, and luck alone, that stopped it from being serious.

I immediately inspected both stands and found that the small screws that hold the 3 minor bars on the bottom of the stand to the actual legs themselves were all loose and ready to fall out. In my case, one did fall out and the stand collapsed with the speaker on top of it,. On checking the second stand the problem was repeated. Loose screws. This is a serious design flaw and surely, rather than screws, bolts should be used to stop this from happening?

All in all, the stands are strong and sturdy, but this flaw makes them wholly unsuitable to be used in public places where they are clearly a potential hazard. I'm not at all impressed by this and would never recommend them to another user.