Pretty useless

I bought this Flexarm along with a Manfrotto clip to hold a small flag in front of a light. I chose the Flexarm as I thought it would enable me to move the flag accurately in front of the light giving me greater control of my flagging. How wrong I was.

First off the Flexarm is heavy. I thought that would make it strong. No it does not, this arm does not hold position. It is a terrible piece of design. It has a spigot one end and the hex spigot the other. In theory the hex works well with a super clamp. But it won't fit into the end of a boom arm. So yes I use the other end which is a spigot. That leaves me with the hex end that pretty much doesn't fit anything else except a super clamp. I'm sure it will find it's use one day but as it is, it's an annoying, heavy, useless, poorly designed bendy bar that doesn't bend and hold fast like I was told it would.