A solid product

This is a solid product with few hickups.

1. The main HH rod is a few mm's narrower than the standard boom arm rods, so other rods wont' fit in the boom arm clamp mechanism (in case you'd occasionally need the clamp for something else). This is probably deliberate, but somehow understandable.

2. The bottom cymbal can be tightened to the HH bedding (that's a great feature in case of a large and heavy bottom cymbal & stack), but there's no protection for the cymbal, so the cymbal hole will be grinding onto the screw mechanism and possibly damage it in the process (and the bottom cymbal as well).

3. The top cymbal mechanism is a bit weak and can unscrew itself during performance, unless you tighten the screw really hard (= directly on the rod), which of course is not a good thing for the screw mechanism on the long run.