An easy way to expand your kit

Another staggering value for money product which does what it says on the tin.

It's not the most attractive nor well finished piece of metal work you could adorn your kit with but mine hasn't fallen to bits or taken to spinning around the main stand I've bolted it to.

If I was a thrash metal player crashing out on a 22" crash I'd look elsewhere - I'm a 'leccy kit player so I don't have huge heavy cymbals hanging on this arm. However, I use it to mount the hi hat pad on so it gets as much use as I can give it, and it hasn't budged.

It would be perfect to add an accessory cymbal/pad on without breaking the bank and there is a lot of adjustment available.

One work of caution that I did have to fiddle with some spare cymbal mounts and felts to get a non-Millenium cymbal pad to fit satisfactorily. I got there in the end, but you may end up reaching into your spares box.