Great flexible stand for light splash


Very flexible, you can extend the boom arm and position it in basically any way you could imagine. I've had it in the most awkward positions around my kit and it always manages what other stands I have really couldn't do.

Cheap! very cheap considering how much other stands cost. There is a very similar stand for slightly cheaper but this is much better as it has the boom arm that extends.

It stay's tight which is essential and sadly not all boom stands do this.


Not really suitable for larger cymbals, even 14" would be pushing it I would think personally. It might be fine but I feel it's not sturdy enough to handle much weight, stick to splashes for this one in my opinion.

The foam is very thin, I swapped it for Gilbrator foam and that sorted the problem.

Overall if you're looking for a way to position you're splash, pick this up!