Best saviour ever

When I bough my Sabian SBR performance 4 cymbal pack, I realized I didn't had enough cymbal stands. When I looked at the priceing of the stands I realized that I didn't had enough money for all that. Thankefully, The cymbal boom arm was at the rescue. the millenium CBC-set 03 is a FANTASTIC boom arm for it's price. It's easy to handle and belice me when I tell you that it can hold a 16" crash an just on a regular and cheap Hi-Hat stand, and the best part is, it doesn't even wiggle that much. I mean, when you play hard rock or heavy metal it wiggles a little bit, but it never reached the point that it would fall or anything. I'm sooooo happy that I found it. Really is a life saviour when it come to drums and budget :)