Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand

The Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand

Were can i start the quality is amazing for the price

I will start my report from the top of the Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand to the bottom of the Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand.

I like the quality of the wing nut and the nearing effect for extra grip, the cymbal tilter has a good range of adjustment and feels solid once tightened up, top half of stand tube is very thick and chunky there is a memory lock which is really chunky and is hinged so if you wanted to take it off you wouldn't have to take the stand apart which is a good feature , the adjustment clamp that holds the upper part of the stand is really chunky also only seen on hardware 3 times it cost the double braced legs are solidly built and there is even a memory lock under the tripod base for easy set up every time all in all this stand is fantastic for the money a recommended buy

I am tempted to replace all my other hardware with the Millenium pro range