Replaced all my hardware for this series

These are great stands, but they are heavy.

They have features and quality typically found on stands which cost far more than this. The entry level Pearl, Yamaha, Tama etc are all around £50-60 and are inferior to these.

Double braced. Memory locked everything. Plastic inner sleeving to protect the chrome. Memory lock beneath the tripod base so you can set them up quickly.

All that I don't like so much, is that the boom stands can be configured as straight stands and there is very little reason except aesthetics and a slight weight reduction to go for straights over booms, especially as the price is the same.

They are heavy, be warned. Like if you've got 5-6 in a bag be prepared to ruin your spine. Chrome plating has held up well. Wing nut/adjusters etc are superior to the gear at the studio and other brands I've encountered.