Awesome for the price!

Very nice budget addition to my kit, The cable is long enough, so don't worry, it reaches all the way around my PDPx7 which is a pretty big kit at that.The pedal slots very nicely beside my standard hi-hat pedal. One thing I was impressed by was that the clamp for the 'hi-hat' end was extendible, allowing me to put it where I wanted it with ease. I was generally happy with thing except for one aspect I wish I knew before I bought it; Between the cymbals is a spring and sadly my cymbals just don't have the weight to collapse the spring so using a drop-clutch with these is a big no-no, unless you remove the spring, without the spring, they open slightly slower but I can use the drop-clutch and they still work just fine! I'm happy with them, and for a price like that, you don't have a reason to complain!