milenium dch set01 cable hi-hat

Very happy with this for the price, I got interested in the idea of addind a second hi-hat to my kit after watching mike portnoy from dream theatre using one, wanted to see what I could do with it and what new things it would enable me to do, I like to use mine to create a ticking clock sound as an underline to my playing but I do recommend matched hi-hats when doing this, can use it with an unmatched pair to give yourself an alternative hi hat sound to use with percussive sounds this is also another good use I have found for it, a bit awkward to transport between gigs so I don't take mine out to gigs unless I really need it, but otherwise a good fun bit of kit, treat yourself and have some fun experimenting, keep your cable greased up on the inside and it will help to keep the response nice and fast