Millenium DCH-SET01 Cable Hi-Hat

Gosh, well there's a good few ratings in existence on Site for this assembly already, anyhoo here goes.

I love it; acquired in October 2015 fitted with Paiste 10 Inch Swiss Splash Cymbals AND other 10 Inch Splash Cymbals as and when required. The smaller light-weight 10 Inch Cymbals lack the mass to deliver full operable movement of the lift/lower assembly BUT . . . you just remove the spring twixt the upper and lower cymbals and problem solved.

Yes it does not have the same feel/response as your standard Hi-Hat Assembly, because it ISN'T your standard Hi-Hat Assembly, once you understand that basic Physics/Mechanics principal you can start to practise with it, learn the feel and response and I have no issues with it at all . . . you just gotta train your foot baby!!