Not perfect, but versatile and still good value

I've given this 4 stars in each category. I use it with an iPad, and have ended up customising mine. Here's how I rate it...

The materials used are pretty good for the money, and I would have given it 5 stars for quality, but the design leaves a little to be desired, deserving about 3 stars, hence the 4 it ended up with. Of the 5 prongs that hold the tablet, two are fixed, two are lockable sliding, and one is sprung. The lockable sliding ones are positive in their action, stay where they are locked, and grip well. The sprung one uses a fairly light spring, but does an adequate job of holding. The swivel-joint on the back feels very positive in operation, and doesn't need very much tightening to engage and give confidence that it will stay at the angle you want it to. All reasonable so far. Where the design falls down slightly: The swivel-joint is a metal plate with a moulded ball to swivel on. The metal plate is not a perfect fit with the plastic housing it clicks into, and so in operation, the device rocks very slightly to and fro when using the touch screen. This doesn't prevent you from using it, but does detract slightly from what should feel like a more quality feel to it. The clamp that fits to the mic stand can be quite fiddly to fix in place, and takes a lot of twisting and turning to get it to the point where it will all behave itself on the stand. One issue I've come across is that it is possible on a darkened stage to misalign the clamps when attaching to the mic stand, so that you get a false 'lock'. You think it is all tight, but all of a sudden, one touch sends the whole lot rattling down the mic stand - it doesn't fall off, but just slips down until it grips again. Now to the bit I had to customise because it just was not good enough: The length of the bar between the mic stand clamp and the swivel-joint is just not long enough. It is impossible to clamp it into anything useful except at the singing side of the mic-stand, and even then, it is best with the tablet held horizontally (I note that that is the way it is set up in the main picture). I have had to cut the bar in the middle, and weld in an extension piece of about 5cm length to allow the plate to swivel to any angle I want it.

Question is, would I buy one again if it was stolen, lost etc.? Well, not only would I, but I did - another two - and in both instances I will be customising them in different ways again to make them fit my own purposes.

EDIT: I just received my second one, and 10 seconds with a hex driver removed the sprung prong (you can leave the spring in place - it is held with it's own separate screw), and I can now fit my DR880 drum machine on the holder, using the locking side prongs to hold it in place. Very useful and this holds it at a better height and more choice of angles than the previous holders I've used.