I use it with Samsung Tab2 10"

I have had this now for over a year. Compared to some others its quite bulky but it has plenty of flexibility for connecting to all sorts of mic stands, music stands or even the edge of a table. There is a very flexible ball joint for adjusting the position - horizontal or upright etc

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10" with the Samsung hard shell case - unfortunately I have to remove the case for the tablet to sit securely in the holder so there is a good possibility that one day I will forget to put the cover back on at the end of a gig and leave it behind - but that's not happened yet!

One of the screws that holds a clamp in place works loose every now and then and falls out - I should one day tighten it properly rather than finger tight but its not a major problem.

My preferred stand to use this with is the one that comes with the Thomann/Millenium orchestra stand as its shorter than a mic stand and its very stable and they are very reasonably priced..

Very good value.