DI Boxes

While we could go into more and more detail about DI boxes and their inner workings, at some stage it’s best to get some hands-on experience!

DI Boxes
DI Boxes
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    What is a Balanced Line?
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    Common Uses
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    The Earth Lift
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    Active or Passive?
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    Popular Models
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Welcome to our Direct Injection Box Online Advisor.

More often known as a ‘DI’ box, these little units are the most commonly used problem solvers both in the modern recording studio, and with live PA systems. Essentially, a DI box provides a method of connecting a high-impedance ‘unbalanced’ line level signal, such as a guitar or keyboard, to a low-impedance ‘balanced’ line input on a mixing console or other input stage – more on these terms later. There are many different models on the market, with many different feature sets - we’ll also examine these in this article.

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