Good low price cymbal

This came well packed as always from thomann, I like the way they package their items they seem to be the best retailer in this field and it is reassuring to know that your item will not be damaged in transit especially when travelling overseas.

The cymbal was of good quality and there were no imperfections or blemishes , which is pretty astounding at this price , it seemed strong and stood up well to use outdoors , it was carted around in a strong cloth cymbal gig bag type of affair and seemed to stand up well to the vagaries of being transported around from pillar to post.

Performance wise it did its job for the price and seemed strong standing up to strong hits while giving a nice clear sound even at the merest touch, it was also used by other people who I have played with and there were no problems regarding durability or ruggedness. I have since sold it to a young beginner who was delighted to get a quality cymbal to add to his kit. You can't go wrong at this price