These high-hats are mediocre at best.

For the quality for sound, they're actually very nice! I find Paiste to be a funny cymbal brand as, in my experience, I have no mid ground with the sound in their cymbals. They're either very good or not great. But it's really open to opinion. Right now I only use Sabian cymbals. And sometime Zidjian too. But i did have these cymbals for a while and for sound I was actually impressed, considering they're not the most top tier cymbals by Paiste!

The endurance quality is awful. Truly awful. I hate to be blunt, but in a matter of a year or so, these cymbals started cracking quite viciously! I've heard other cases from other drummers that the very same cymbals started cracking even earlier. Something along the line of 5 or 6 months! Now cracked cymbals aren't always fact, they can make pretty sweet effects cymbals! But these cymbals just kept getting worse and worse until they were completely bent out of shape, nearly cracked in half and just sounded awful. And I don't use heavy sticks at all! I use 7a or 8a drum sticks and I stay away from nylon tipped sticks, like the plague, as they have a tendency of damaging cymbals and causing cracks and nasty scratchings. These cymbals were a real shame in terms of durability. Not a whole lot can be done with them after they crack because they don't sound very nice afterwords....on the plus side..for a very heavy metal drummer, they sound quite trashy, once cracked and can be used as pretty loud effects cymbals in that way!

This is really my opinion. They're actually really nice sounding cymbals, which is the funny thing about them, considering their dodgy endurance quality...but they're a good starting cymbal and they're pretty affordable too! Overall, they're fine. And usable. Just, in my experience, not for a very long time. But that's open to opinion. :)