Palmer PDI-09

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Guitar DI-Box

A special DI box for guitar players. For pre-amplifiers (line signal) or amplifiers. PDI09 enables direct recording of guitar signals into the mixer without a microphone. Integrated filter circuits simulate the authentic "speaker" sound. Tone can be switched between "Mellow", "Normal" and "Bright".

  • Incl. speaker simulation
  • Input: Jack with parallel connector for looping
  • Output: XLR / Transformer balanced
  • Attenuator: (Level switch) 0 dB for line signals
  • -15 dB for transmission booster to about 10 W
  • -30 dB for larger amplifier to 200 W
  • No battery needed
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Optional mounting plate under Article Nr #292106#

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