Quilter Superblock US

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Quilter Superblock US, Solid State Pedalboard Amplifier for Electric Guitar; Three Classic US Amplifier voicings: 60 Tweed, 62 Blonde & 65 Black; comparable power to a 25-Watt Tube Amp when powered by the supplied PS-24 Power Supply or 1 Watt Low Power Mode with a conventional 9V Power Supply; two Cab Sims and an FRFR mode on the XLR and Headphone out; Limiter, Reverb, and an Effects Loop; Channels: 1; Power: 25 watts; Controls: Gain, Limiter, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb, Master; Switches: Power: On/Stby/Off, Cab Sim: Brt/Norm/FRFR, Voice: 60 Tweed/62 Blonde/65 Black; Effects: 0; Speaker Outputs: 4-16 Ohms (6,3mm Jack); Effect Loops: Series; Connections: Input (1/4" Jack), FX Send & Return (2 x 1/4" Jack), Phones (1/8" TRS-Jack), Line out (XLR); Dimensions (W x D x H): 165 x 108 x 38,1 mm; (6,5" x 4,25" x 1,5"); Weight: 0,610 kg (1,35 lbs); Included: 24VDC/3.0A Power Supply

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