Radial Engineering Re-Amp Kit- Reamping Kit

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Radial Re-Amp KitIncludes the following devices:

X-Amp with power supplyTransport your guitar tracks into a new dimension with a real amplifier sound! The X-Amp is a completely discreet, active Class A re-amp, which allows you to feed a previously recorded, dry signal to two guitar amplifiers, thus changing their sound, adding tracks, or "broadening" their mix in additional recording steps. With decoupled transducers, the X-Amp eliminates the need for mass loops and allows an active volume controller to operate at the ideal level - without changing the sound.

J48 active DI boxThe most advanced DI box with phantom power. One of the most important features of the J48 radial is the internal 9-volt signal routing with a unique digital switching power supply, which gives it a three times larger headroom compared to conventional active DI boxes. Additional headroom reduces the distortions, increases the dynamic range and guarantees a natural, unadulterated sound. The J48 has an 80 Hz bass filter, switchable input attenuation, stereo-to-mono mixing, 180 ° phase reversal and mass separation. Ideal for acoustic guitar and bass.

  • Including plastic case

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