Selmer SE-A3L Series III Alto Sax GL

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Alto Saxophone

This Series III alto saxophone from Selmer produces a brighter and more open sound than the Super Action 80 II thanks to a reduction in the support surface of the posts and rods on the body. New mechanism details (SELMER patent) and a spot on response in extremely dynamic ranges gives you the possibility to express your musical personality. It responds well to the slightest breath or the lightest tonguing technique. The Series III alto saxophone is considered worldwide as the state of the art in saxophone manufacture! A technological and technical masterpiece!

  • New 2010 design, incl. anniversary engraving (prepared by hand)
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Body, bow and bell made are made from brass
  • Tuning: Eb
  • High F# key
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Leather padding with metal resonators
  • Includes a Selmer S80 C mouthpiece and a lightweight case

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