It might be a good mixer for live but it's not good as DAW interface.

Bought this to replace a Touchmix 16 in my studio as the Touch mix does not have the USB to DAW interface. This machine has a lot of features for the money but as a DAW interface it is not good. Maybe because it packs in so much, but as an interface it sounds absolutely horrible. Not everything has to be absolute audiophile quality to be useable but this is such a bright harsh sound there's no way I can live with it, it's just nasty to listen to and really wears your ears, very unpleasant. Playing back flac files from the PC I found myself trying to EQ the sound to make it bearable. I persevered for a couple of days and now it's back in the box having been replaced with something else. Unfortunately I threw away some of the packaging (I was so sure from all the reviews this was going to be a great machine) so I can't send it back. Guess I'll just have to stick it on Ebay and take the hit. Lesson learned.