All-rounder with great features and sound


I've been using this unit as the primary mixer for my alt-pop/dreampop band Emerger. We frequently play shows in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London. We run several live instruments through it (electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, Korg SV-1 keyboard, microphones, drums, etc.), as well as patching internally via USB, tracks run from Ableton Live.


The reason I'm only giving "features" a 4 star, is because I'm slightly disappointed that the DigiTech amp modelling is only available on Input 1 & 2. I understand that this is because of the Hi-Z inputs on these channels. However, I am already running 2 electric guitars into these channels, and then a bass guitar into channel 3. But now I can't do amp modelling on the bass guitar. I don't see why limit this to only the first two channels and really really hope this can be fixed in a future software update.


I really like the fact that this unit has almost everything you could want. I.e. dual band wifi; 20 preamps; multitrack recording and playback; 32x32 interface; and the list goes on and on.


Not many cons. Digitech amp modelling only available on channels 1 & 2. No stereo delay on FX channels. Slightly noisier preamps than other units in same category.

This is some seriously good bang for buck. Some of the competition out there is similarly priced for a lot less features and flexibility.