Amazing digital mixer, very compact and easy to use.

Easy to handle both "as is" and in a flight case.

As many digital mixer actually on the market you have no physical controls and will adjust everything via software on a pc, tablet or mobile and it will save a lot of space.

The nice feature about it is that you don't need any resource draining app or software as everything is done on a web page!

Yes, you just need a web browser and all the rest is done my the software stored inside the mixer.

It acts as a wifi accessed server, once connected you open the right page (or the IP address) on your browser and you have everything at hand.

There's a lot of stuff here, signal routing can go from very straight and easy to a huge matrix mixing!

Every signle part is top notch, both hardware (connectors, pre amps, etc) and software (effects, routing, controlling software, etc.) is very high quality and it sound amazing!

Once connected to a PC it acts like a very complete audio interface, with lots of ins and outs, even more than the physical ones, and incredible routing possibilities.

It works just perfect for recording with a daw: fast and easy to configure and use it!

A real deal to me!