Superlux HD-681 The New industry standard ? could well be !

Superlux HD-681 The New industry standard ? could well be !

I have a studio and i am at the moment recording and mixing tracks for a 13 piece funk band, some of their tracks are getting toward 48 tracks!,

Now, thats alot of clutter too make sence of.

while doing the keyboard tracks, i gave the keyboard player a pair of Bayer DT100, and after a few seconds

he took them off and said they sounded "Horrid" he then plugged in a pair he had brought with him, a pair of HD-681 i played the track and the nod of his head confirmed all was better, he took them off and let me try, i did an A,B test against the DT100, and must admit i liked the HD 681better,

Now i know the thought behind the DT100s as monitor headphones, build quality, parts, industry standards ETC, and you dont get the isolation with the 681 that the DT100 offers.

But if others pref the Superlux who am i to try and tec talk them out of their comfort zone ?

If they know how they sound in them then thats just perfect.

On the back of all that, i purchased a few pairs and having lived with them for while now, i have just Purchased another few pairs from Thomanns for the studio, People like them, and if they are happy i am happy and i am even more happy about the price, £16.35 does not buy you alot now days,

I am sure you will like these for what you will pay,

i really dont think there is alot out there that comes close for up to triple the price, and there can't be

ANYTHING at the same price or less.

They seem abit bass heavy, and i can hear the very lows in them, which is a good thing i have tried this taking low freq on the Eq which seems to respond better than my AKGs,

But i also got a pair of HD-681B which have a flatter bass response, but i still like the normal HD681.

So, you are now thinking, "ok, do i take the chance ?"

i dont think at £16 it is a chance,

try them, and if you hate them, its no big loss against getting another pair for £100+ and you hating them.

Because at the end of the day it is still how YOUR ears

hear things.

Me ? i like them, i am going to use them to mix the next "funkafonix" single release, as i am now used to them and know how things sound in them to alter for sounding good on CD,

So, fingers crossed, we shall see