I wish I found these sooner

BASS: It's there alright. I consider myself a basshead and I didn't find the bass lacking. It's not tight but the quantity is deifnitely there. It won't touch the XB700 (what headphone can?) and I actually think the Beyers and the X1s have it beat, but only just. To put it more simply: it's unlikely you'll find the bass lacking.

MIDS: Most of my headphones don't do mids particularly well as a consequence of my preferred sound signature. My ZX700s are my most mid-centric headphones and I don't like their sound very much. The Superluxes have a pretty good mid-range. It's not their strong point and it's still kinda withdrawn, but it's not nearly non-existent.

HIGHS: Oh God, my ears! Yes, the highs will make you scream! Bloody Norah! I thought my DT990s were bad! No, the DT990s are immensely refined in comparison. Absolutely no contest really. Treble is aggressive - very very aggressive.For this price, the best headphone ever.