Well worth the price

I needed a pair of headphones for work just to filter out some noise and helping to focus. I tried out couple cheap ones, but was very disappointed with sound quality every time. I already had a pair of Superlux HD-330's which I had been very happy with for about four years already. I checked back and forth between them and these (and HD-660) but decided to give these a shot.

Enough blabbering - these headphones are absolutely worth the price. The sound is pretty clear and the phones are comfortable to wear. They are a little bass heavy though so keep that in mind if you are considering between these and some other ones. But for my purpose, casual music listening while in work, they are just perfect. They are semi-open, but I'd be ready to call them open. It's good when someone tries to reach out from outside as they don't need to shout. On the other hand they are massive enough to be seen so other understand that they might need to raise voice — good perk compared to earphones.

Overall strongly recommended for casual use. Notice still that the given 5 stars is strongly quality-price ratio -based, so if you want the best sound quality I would recommend spending a bit more.