I did not expected that....

There are some good quality copy or low cost product on the market and you know sometimes we don't have money to buy the original manufacturer's legendary masterpieces just for try out.

I wanted a good monitor headphone for rehearsing, just to make sure I can hear the vocal as clear as possible, but....

....but when I started to use the HD681 I could not believe it. It hit it's triple price brothers in sound quality. Very detailed and balanced soundscape what it gives us with fruity bass and shiny high. Now I'm planing to use it for music making at home. Also more than perfect for general music-listening or average usage.

It seems that ain't no problem with the headphone's body. Looks massive, and made from longer lifetime than it's sisters in same price.

I don't have contract with the Superlux but bravely recommand anyone who would like to have a cheap and good headphone.