Great quality for the price

I bought this headphone as a recommendation from under the cheap option for critical listening and i was really surprised how this headphones sounded good. Of course there is better headphones out there but you have to pay for them. (I am student so i can't afford to but high priced headphones)

I am no expert in audio production and technicalities, but i like to hear some decent sound. I am pleased with the quality of the audio production.

I found the that sometimes the high notes or the treble may be sometimes be off in certain songs, but it can be ignored.

One thing i have to mention is the ear caps. The only thing that bothers is that you have to perfectly put them around your ear, because if they are slightly shifted, there will be a loss of audio, but this can be fixed quickly by adjusting the headphones on your ear. And if you wear glasses you may loose some of the audio through your ear.

Overall i recommend this headphone for people who doesn't want to pay a lot and get some good audio.

I hope you find this review helpful.