Unexpected quality

A friend of mine told me about the Superlux HD681 and I was really excited, because he told me, that they sound really good and are also cheap. So I ordered one of those headphones. It comes in a cheap package, as you would expect it for that price. There were the headphones, a screwable 3,5mm to 5,6mm jack and an bag. I don't really know what to do with the bag, but who cares. The cable is very long, so these headphones are not really made for walking around in the city, but you can move quite wide in your house. My first headphones broke so I wrote Thomann customers' service and they sent me new ones without any problem. My new headphones are working and working, so I just had no luck with the first ones. I ordered a second pair just because they are so great. When you google it, you will find some modifications for these, but I really didn't want to change anything yet. You really can buy these, just to find out, what a good price for solid quality is.