Cheap but good

The Superlux HD I bought to practice even at low volumes can . Especially in the evening and on Sunday . I did not want to disturb my neighbors continue . ICh the headphones have connected to a Roland Boss BR 80 multi effects unit . I play bass and guitar.

I am very happy with the sound of the headphones provides . Especially when you consider what the headphones will cost .

Of course, the heights come out not always ideal. At high frequencies arises with the headphones a distortion which is not very nice. This, however, only at high volume. In the bass range , the bass is very clear. However, the headphones also has problems here when it gets louder . Then the bass muddy easily . The centers are the headphones in my opinion the best.

So I recommend the headphones especially for guitarists . For bassists with swabs.

Processing proceeds in order. It expresses nothing . However, the bar is really not very stable. I'm curious how long the headphones work.