the t.bone free solo Twin HTPT 823 MHz

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2-Channel UHF Wireless System

  • Includes a dynamic handheld transmitter and a pocket transmitter
  • Frequency band: 823-832 MHz
  • Directional characteristic of the handheld transmitter: Cardioid
  • Transmitter housing: Plastic
  • 3-Pin TQG male connector
  • LCD display
  • Operates with 2 x AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 8 Pre-programmed frequency groups with 8 available channels each
  • 1 User channel
  • Adjustable squelch with threshold display on the receiver
  • Frequency scan in the receiver
  • Adjustable AF output
  • Adjustable transmission power: 5 mW, 10 mW, 20 mW
  • Infrared transfer of the settings from the receiver to the transmitter
  • Pilot tone
  • Increments of 25 kHz
  • 19"/ 1 U Housing with 2 x BNC outputs for antennas
  • XLR- and jack output
  • Operates with a 12V 1A DC power supply (positive polarity (+) inside)
  • Includes plastic case and rack mount
  • Corresponding microphone clamp: Article Nr #288991# (not included, must be purchased separately)

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