Excellent for the price

I use this tuner with my classical and electric guitar when I'm at home. My acoustic already has a built in tuner, so I rarely use it with this guitar. Every time I review a product, the "value for money" factor plays a very important role to my review. With this tuner the "value for money" factor is 5/5. But the cost of this tuner is not the only reason I give it a total 5/5. It just does everything that I tuner needs to do. I never used it in a noisy environment to see how well it will work, but that's not my intended use. I didn't bought it for that but if that's your intended use, you may need to look elsewhere.


- Fast and accurate tuning

- Works great on all of my guitars(one acoustic, one electric and one classical)

- Compact size


- Nothing so far

Honestly for 4 euros you can't go wrong with this tuner. The only thing that I regret is that I didn't bought 1-2 more to have just in case I lose this.