Fine for the price, not without issues.

Bought this mainly for home use, as I have a pedal tuner for other purposes.

Although it's very light, it does feel nice in the hand - the finish of the plastic is not glossy, rather satin like, almost rubbery, which definitely feels better than just cheapo plastic.

Operation is very straight forward - You hold the button for a second or so for it to turn on, and voila. It is chromatic, and it's both for guitar and for bass. Also, a very nice touch is the fact that there is a backlight , it's blue when You're out of tune, then the entire screen lights up green when You hit the pitch, so it's well suited for low light situations. So, thus far, all good.

The cons that I've stumbled upon are such - on guitars, that aren't exceptionally resonant, it doesn't really pick up the thinner strings all that well - it definitely works, and is usable, but it's not fast as sometimes it won't pick up the vibrations. I've tried it on strats, teles, les pauls, a couple of basses and a classical guitar, and it seems to jump around a fair bit on the strat, less so on the tele and LP, BUT seems to work outstandingly well with basses.

So, if You're buying this for home use, of maybe studio, it is fine - does it's job, sometimes hunts around. All of this is absolutely acceptable, especially considering the price point.

But if You're looking for something fast and responsive for, let's say, live situations, I'd opt for something that's faster/more accurate.