I gig nearly every night of the week for 7 months a year as a singer/ acoustic guitarist. Along with my PA, guitar, mixer, FX and lights, I have a huge amount of leads, cables and power supplies and every night, I use a slightly different combination gear depending on the stage at the venue. These velcro cable ties are absolutely essential for me keeping things in order and well maintained.

The velcro cable tie wraps around the cable and slides through a metal loop on the end, so the cable and tie stay attached to each other. Then when you coil up your cable, the velcro cable tie folds over it's self to keep the cable perfecty coild.

All your cables are neatly tied so they don't tangle and get damaged and are easy to separate.

Also, I have them in different colours so I have different length cables tied in different colours.

How long do they last? I recently replaced some that I'd had for 2 years.