Excellent Hi-Hat Stand

I am an improving beginner using my sons old cheap drum kit. As my drumming has improved I have become more critical of the sound and the control I have on the Hi-Hats. This Hi-Hat stand is sturdy and excellent quality. It comes with clear instructions to assemble and set-up. It is direct drive which has given me so much more feedback and control. The seating of the HI-Hats has transformed the sound of the Hats (Zildjan 15" K Dark) which were being sorely let down by the stand. The stand is quite heavy but this aids the stability of the Hi-Hats. I have used the stand pretty much straight out of the box and only adjusted the height (using the shorter of two rods available). The spring tension is extremely easy to adjust and has a graded scale so you can remember your own setting if any one else uses the kit. The peddle is extremely smooth and this helps with precise control of the hats. All in all very good value for money and as usual excellent speedy delivery from Thomann. Currently no down side.