Behringer Amp800

€ 44 Inclusa IVA, spese di spedizione a parte

Dettagli del prodotto

Headphone amplifier

  • Compact 9.5 headphone amplifier for studio and live use
  • 4 independent stereo amplifiers
  • Highest sound quality with virtually all headphones, even at maximum volume
  • Volume control with 6-digit LED output meter display per channel for precise level control
  • 2 balanced stereo inputs with independent level and balance controls that allow for individual mixes
  • Separately switchable on all 4 channels
  • 6-digit LED input level meter for precise level indication of both line inputs
  • 2 headphone outputs per channel on the front and rear side allow simultaneous connection of 8 headphones
  • Several headphone amplifiers can be connected via the parallel link output
  • Extremely low-noise operational amplifier system for an excellent sound quality
  • All models from the Mini Series can be stacked on top of one each other to create an ultra-compact signal processor solution

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