Doepfer MCV4

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Dettagli del prodotto

Midi-CV / gate interfaceMCV4 is a low-cost MIDI-to-CV interface that allows monophonic synthesizers to be controlled via MIDI.

This interface converts MIDI information into 4 control voltages and one gate. It has an external plug-in power supply. It is important that the first control voltage and the gate are always set to MIDI note events, with the pitch bender being converted to the first CV. The remaining CVs can be used to control further parameters of an older synthesiser in the sequencer, e.g. filter modulations. The 3 control voltages can be controlled via MIDI controllers. The interface receives an adjustable MIDI channel, which means that looping the MIDI signal makes sense.

  • Two jacks for CV1 / 2 and CV3 / 4
  • Jack for Gate / Trigger
  • Learning button with LED for setting the MIDI channel
  • Optical display of the gate / trigger function via LED
  • MIDI-in, MIDI-Thru connection
  • Metal housing
  • Dimensions: 95 x 75 x 35 mm
  • Power connection: 7-12V / 100 mA
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