DW Satin Oil Set Ebony

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Drum Set

  • Satin Oil Series
  • Made from 100% maple wood with a reinforcment ring for a longer and more controlled decay
  • Chrome drum shell hardware
  • All drum shells produce a wonderfullly warm tone and an attack sound for which the DW Collector's Series has become famous
  • The sound produced by the maple is characterised by its soft, warm, balanced resonance yet with a clear and controlled stick attack
  • STM (Suspension Tom Mount - freely suspended mount system for a vibration-free hanging tom with maximum tonal resonance)
  • True Hoop rims
  • True-Pitch (50) tuning lugs
  • All drum shells are manufactured according to the SSC process, which ensures that each shell is analysed according to its specific fundamental tone and combined with similar shells, leading to a "tuned" and harmonious drum set.
  • Drum shells are finished with matte lacquer
  • Colour: ebony

Drum shell configuration:

  • 22" x 18" bass drum
  • 10" x 8" tom tom
  • 12" x 9" tom tom
  • 14" x 12" floor tom

Stands and cymbals are not included.


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