Fishman Triple Play Connect

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Fishman Triple Play Connect; MIDI pickup set including Controller & Hexaphonic Pickup; the bridge between your guitar and your iPad. Simply download the free TriplePlay Connect iOS app from the App Store and plug the cable into your iPad to create new sounds, instruments, songs and more; also works as a MIDI controller for Mac and PC apps and sound libraries; Easy and non-invasive installation on any 6-string electric & acoustic guitar (Classical guitars with Nylon Strings are not suitable); Low-latency pitch tracking technology; Connects with the supplied USB and Lightning cables; Magnetic mounting hardware make it easy to attach and remove the Controller; Mounting brackets & hardware included; Controller Dimensions: (W x D x H): 6,6 x 3,6 x 1,5 cm, (2,6" x 1,4" x 0,6"); Pickup Dimensions: (W x D): 10,4 x 0,9 cm, (4,11" x 0,34"); Adjustable Pickup Height range: min: 8,6 mm (0,34"), max: 14,7 mm, (0,58")

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