Green Acoustics BB-Easy White

€ 374 Inclusa IVA e spese di trasporto

Dettagli del prodotto

Set Of 2 Acoustic Elements

  • Universal broadband absorber with B1 certified materials
  • Filled with anti-allergenic material Caruso and covered with B1-impregnated cotton nettle
  • Linear efficiency: up to approx. 200 Hz
  • Can be simply placed, mounted on walls, attached to tripods or mouned from the ceiling
  • Four tabs with metal eyelets at the back
  • Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Scope of delivery: 2 pieces
  • Colour: White

Note: Do not wash as the B1 impregnation loses its effect. Simply beat the dust off.


La tua persona di contatto: Studio/Synth/Computer

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